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The Ceiling

If I’m being honest, I don’t think I have the talent to write for the Big 2. Marvel and DC are rarified air, and rightfully so; you don’t play in the NBA if your ceiling is college junior varsity.

And I’m okay with that. There’s a pressure with writing for monoliths, not just within the creativity demanded to do new things with decades-old IPs, but also within the individual his or herself to live up to the expectations that are innate within the assignment. I don’t know if I have that inner reservoir of steel not to crumple under that pressure, and I certainly don’t think I have the skill necessary to meet the demands.

Again, I’m okay with that. My version of success would be to do creator-owned comics primarily and have enough good will with smaller publishers to tackle some of their less-popular characters. I’ve wanted to work with Image since they debuted, so ultimately that is the pinnacle of my aspirations. However, I adore the books that Aftershock & Vault have put out, I love what Ahoy is doing, BOOM and IDW are producing some insanely good books, and Action Lab & Mad Cave have low-key been putting together incredible catalogues. And there are more publishers still!

This is the new Golden Age of comics, where there have never been more avenues to get esoteric stories out there. I want to be part of that groundswell, and I think that’s my ceiling. I’m getting started too late in the game and my talents are finite, but these are heights I can reach, that I can strive for, and that's okay.

As for the type of books I hope to produce, I want to be a “band’s band” type of writer. I’d much rather write things that my colleagues would love to take a break with, books that will help a reader relax and take a break for some of the more heavy stuff they’re working on/reading. I think my books are too niche to connect with a wider readership, but I’d love to cultivate a small, passionate following.

I like my goals. They’re mine. And that's okay.

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