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the 2022 GRANTIE™ Awards!

It's been a year.

Since the last Granties™? Well duh, yeah, but I don't mean it like that.

I mean, it's been a YEAR; A long, frustrating, scary, habitually disappointing year where it seems like almost everything that takes place outside of a panel or a splash is looking to drain humanity's bandwidth just a fraction more each time.

And, suffice it to say, that sucks moose ass.

But that's why comics and sequential art seem to mean so much more today. This perfect amalgam of words and artwork that magically seem to be more cinematic than a film and more thoughtful than an album has done so much for, well, me over the course of this year despite so many twists, turns, and setbacks. I don't know how well I'd be doing without the upcoming list of comic work and workers.

These are pieces that I have spent money on, stumbled upon, and been almost forced to read at times, and they struck me in that wonderful resonating way that makes your spirit vibrate. These are pieces I allowed into my life, and I feel that's the ultimate award anybody can give a piece of art nowadays, y'know? We're inundated by so much fucking content, so much of it inherently worthless (bc it's sharted out by almost any platform to get your attention and your money and your thoughts), that our ability to place value on our chosen books or pdfs or podcasts or whatever makes it SO much more precious.

And that's what these are, this dumb award thing I made up - These are works that have meant the most to me over this last year. If your work doesn't make my list? That doesn't mean it holds any less value to anyone else. That doesn't mean it's not good or it's unworthy. If you feel like you've been jilted, make your own goddamn awards - I did!

So, in addition to containing a shred of acknowledgment, I wanted these medalists to also have my gratitude, for producing something so subjectively pleasing in a field that means so much to me. I wish my dumb jpegs were more intrinsically valuable to our community in a broader sense, but I hope they serve as a reminder that your hard work meant a lot to one person. And if they can reach me (a dopey, awkward, middle-aged turd) on such a profound level, think of what your work must do to others!

But enough farting around, here are the 2022 Grantie™ Medallists!

Favorite Writers

Jarred Luján (Twin Blades, All the Devils Are Here, YULE)

Markisan Naso (By the Horns)

Danny Lore (DoDS: Blade, Lunar Room, Truth & Justice)

Ram V (Swamp Thing, Many Deaths of Laila Starr)

Si Spurrier (the Rush, Step by Bloody Step, Way of X)

Grant Morrison (Superman and the Authority, Green Lantern)

Favorite Line Artists

Alaire Racicot (Crown & Anchor, Sidequest)

Jason Muhr (By the Horns)

Skylar Patridge (Resonant, Marvel Voices)

Max Sarin (Giant Days, Harley Quinn: Eat, Bang, Kill Tour)

Bob Quinn (Way of X)

Favorite Color Artist

Martina Bonanni (Sidequest, Pilgrim's Dirge)

Ellie Wright (Red Sonja, 33)

AHG (Eat My Flesh Drink My Blood)

Rocco Langg (the Twin Blades)

Favorite Cover Artists

Favorite Letterers

Favorite Editors

Favorite Podcasts

Favorite Webcomic

Favorite Young Reader Comic

I Am Not Starfire


Star Wars Adventures

Favorite Mini

Harley Quinn: Eat, Bang, Kill Tour

Blacks Myth

Step By Bloody Step

The Crimson Cage

Good Boy

Superman and the Authority

Favorite Ongoing

Swamp Thing


By the Horns

Lunar Room


Favorite KS Book

The Twin Blades

The Bardic Verses

Pilgrim’s Dirge


Bette Noir 3

The Preserve

Favorite Anthology


Shield Maiden v2

Crackle v3

Smut Comic

Beyond Sunset


Favorite Publisher

Scout Comics



Source Point Press


Mad Cave

Favorite One-Shot

Servant of the Black Dog

Ghosts of the Carousel

Death of Dr Strange: Blade

Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood

Saturn Effect

Lost Connection

River of Sin

Favorite Horror Series

Tomb of the Red Horse

Nice House by the Lake

All the Devils Are Here

Hallowed North


The Crimson Cage

Favorite Humor Series

Metalshark Bro v2

Old Head


The Bardic Verses

Favorite Fantasy Series



White Ash

The Bardic Verses

Step By Bloody Step

Helm Greycastle

Favorite One-Pager

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