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Potential Projects aka MIND SEEDS

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Yo, what's up?

First post on my new site. What to do?



Synopsis - Think 'Taken' meets 'the Magicians.' When demonic forces steal his daughter, a father must learn magic to save her. What will he do to wield magic....and what will it do to him?

Status - Three issues finished. Issue one is in the initial artwork stage; Andy Budnick is taking on the penciling and inking, and this is the culmination of years of attempting to create a comic together but failing for God knows what. We're not on a timeline (as, y'know, "life"), so there's no rush to complete, but we're pretty stoked. Issue two is undergoing a second round of editing by Nicole D'Andria, whose editing work has been invaluable.

"Ash Knights"

Synopsis - Think 'Game of Thrones' meets 'Zootopia.' You can't build an empire without breaking a few lives. The Empire of Trallus was overthrown twenty years ago, and now the children of the former rulers are on the move. How will they acquire the means for revenge, and who wants to stop them?

Status - I'm going over the second draft of the first issue. I've built a lot of worlds through DnD and in various projects, wrote a lot of Showbibles, but I don't think I've ever dived this deep down the rabbit hole. I have crafted religion, government, extended plots, character beats, etc, but now I have to organize what may be thirty issues.

"Yndred" (tentative title, bc I'm not 100% sold on it)

Synopsis - Think 'Chronicles of Narnia' meets 'Dungeons and Dragons.' A man vacillates between life as an adventurer in a mystical realm and one of responsibility and obligation. Can he appease both sides without tearing himself apart?

Status - The first issue is almost complete, notes are vast, and I'm excited due to the inner workings of this story - I think this is going to connect to a generation of young adults who just need an outlet. This one I'm not certain about length, but I could see it going maybe 13 issues.

"F*** Zeus"

Synopsis - Think 'Clash of the Titans' meets 'Kill Bill.' One mythic figure has carved a path of unchecked toxic masculinity throughout ancient tales, and now a small group of heroes of antiquity aims to make him pay. Can Enkidu, Nimrod, and Scota reach Zeus through his bitter family and elder monsters?

Status - This has been a beast of a nut to crack. I've been working on this story for months, the idea germinated quickly, the research was a blast, the general narrative outline almost wrote itself, and then once I got past the opening scene of the first issue I was at a loss. I couldn't stop dwelling on the issue, but recently I re-wrote the outline and picked a better direction to take the first issue, and now it's just about finished!

Unrelated: If you see something on this site that I could fix, for the love of god tell me. Poor Jon Rzepecki made the foolhardy choice to engage me in conversation about how to get a personal website going, and then gave some great tips that have really (finally) gotten this site created.

Currently Reading: On Directing Film by David Mamet; The Spirit: The New Adventures of the Spirit by Various.

Who is at fault for this monstrosity: Brooks Brothers for making the damn thing, or Facebook for having the unmitigated GALL to recommend it to me?


It looks like Ray Charles made a cardigan out of a quilt.

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