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Last Man Standing

This was written by me and, more importantly, illustrated by the AMAZING Minerva Fox.

I'm extremely geeked about the visual language that comics possess, as it's unlike any other artistic medium: sequential art can manipulate panels and words to be ANYTHING visually. You see it by modern great Kaare Andrews in his work and pioneered by comics god Will Eisner, wherein the presentation of sounds or words takes on an impressive visual aspect that serves a distinct narrative purpose.

So, naturally, I wanted to try that shit out in a dynamic way, but I'm not so good at the whole sequential art thing. Enter Minerva. She's an artist I had admired for a while, and her sense of spacial awareness -- and her almost unmatched facial acting -- made her seem like the ideal partner for a wordless comic that leaned on that Eisnerian display. I hatched an idea, penned a script, and we collaborated on how best to present a wannabe gunfighter in a way that obviously harkens to Western tropes without doing it in a clichéd sort of way. Minerva's visual language is in full display here, from the efficiency of the panels and the utilization of the words-as-panels (dude, sick right??), and my LORD check out that CROSS HATCHING!! The weaknesses of my writing were propped up and covered by her artwork, and it was a real treat to bring this to life with her. Click HERE to see more of her artwork (and to buy some stuff from her store)!

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