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the 2023 Grantie™ Awards!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

You may notice (and if you do, good lord, please find better things to occupy your attention) that not only are this year's Granties™ late, but also light: There aren't as many medallists this year in a slew of categories.

Now, this is for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that holy FUCK, this last calendar year has been a real piece of frozen elk shit. A few deaths, some job transitions, health scares, and the fucking dumbest episode of car troubles I could've imagined (thanks, capitalism!). Between my depression and the narrowing of my bandwidth to focus mostly on my wife and kids (and even then I feel like I did a pretty shitty job), I haven't been able to relax in the world of sequential art like I wanted to.

What sliver of time and scrapings of cash I did have available, I backed Kickstarters and tried to make a trip to ye olde comic shoppe at least once every three months. ALSO: getting SQ ready for Scout while trying to tie up the last issue via KS and doing 36 fucking episodes of ItCC really burned me out.

BUT BUT BUT (I like big "buts"), this is not me whining how weally weally twoubling things were for ol' Granty boy -- but yeah, it kinda is -- so much as me saying: Others have had it worse, and right now it's okay. Things are okay for me, my family, my friends. What is life but a series of hurdles followed by recovery and then joy?

There was solace in the comics I did catch, though. There was joy in the podcasts I consistently listened to, in the new webcomics I stumbled upon. And, to assuage my guilt at being unable to put out a thick, girthy Grantie™ list, other folks were coming out with their own awards! Being able to give recognition to a wider field of independent creators is truly a wonderful thing because, as we all often retweet on Twitter, one of the best ways to help creators is to draw attention to them. So, if you finish up my dumb award shenanigans for this year, do please check out other indie awards like the CBY ICE Awards or the Geeklies! And hell, please keep making your own awards for creators; Grantie™ awards are just for the books & stuff that I spent my time and money on, and if your book or art didn't get one it doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's not my bag, and other awards can cover the books that don't normally fall into my purview. MORE AWARDS I SAY!

...except the Eisners. Those suck now.

JFC, are you still reading? I'm so sorry. So very sorry. Here we go!

Fav Writers

Ram V (Aquaman: Andromeda, Swamp Thing, the Vigil)

Jarred Luján (Twin Blades: Blood & Obsidian, Crash & Troy)

Markisan Naso (By the Horns: Dark Earth)

Justin Jordan (Harrower, Urban Animal)

Fellhound (And We Love You)

Fav Line Artists

Alaire Racicot (Crown & Anchor, Sidequest)

Jason Muhr (By the Horns: Dark Earth)

Max Sarin (Giant Days, Great British Bump Off)

Julio Suarez (Twin Blades: Blood & Obsidian)

Daniel Warren Johnson (Do a Powerbomb)

Fellhound (And We Love You)

Kyler Clodfelter (Crash & Troy)

Fav Color Artist

Jordie Bellaire

Fav Cover Artists

Fav Letterers

Fav Editors

Fav Podcasts

Comics Coffee Metal

Word Bros

Bitches on Comics

Amazing Action Podcast

Cryptid Creator Corner

Gatecrashers Pod


Fav One-Pagers

Fav Webcomic

Fav Young Reader Comic

Investi Gators

Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters

Fav Mini

Human Target

the Vigil

Fav Ongoing

By the Horns

Doom Patrol

Nice House on the Lake

What's the Furthest Place From Here

Fav KS Book

The Twin Blades: Blood & Obsidian

Sidekick for Hire

Frankenstein the Unconquered

Pilgrim’s Dirge

Dust Pirates

Fav Anthology

Breakneck Fantasy Anthology

The Amber Door

The Color of Always

Pop’s Choc’lit Shop of Horrors

Fav Publisher

Scout Comics

Vault Comics

Ahoy Comics

Band of Bards

Mad Cave Studios


Fav One-Shot

And We Love You

Archie Vs the World

Artemis Wanted

Those That Inherit the Earth

Static Team-Up: Anansi

Fav Horror Series

Evie and the Helsings

Tomb of the Black Horse


I Hate This Place


Swamp Thing

Fav Humor Series

Crash & Troy

Not All Robots

Fav Fantasy Series

Quests Aside


End After End

Step by Bloody Step

And that's it, chums! Congrats to all the medallists, you've helped make my year a bit easier. Please keep making those sweet, sweet comics. Oh! And don't forget to support independent creators, publishers, crowdfunding, podcasts, and A W A R D S! The more recognition indie folks get, the better!

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